Frank Zucchi Restoration


6421 Southfront Road, Unit A, Livermore CA. 94551


"Like so many of Frank Zucchi's Clients, I have been extremely happy with his services for over twenty years.

Referred years ago to the Zucchi family business, looking to repair my first Alfa Romeo;

I feel lucky to have met Frank while he was learning his trade working for his father and mentor Arnold, a master Ital-Swiss artisan of bodywork.  During his long relationship Frank has subsequently done all my repair body and paint work, and has also performed full re-paints from bare metal or fiberglass on several of my street and Vintage race cars.

Frank does superb work: but what I most appreciate about working with him is that he is straight forward and honest in his work ethic.  Unfortunately body and paint work leaves tremendous opportunity to take short cuts that  will only show up years later.  Frank will not compromise his work,if something needs to be done to "make it right"  Frank will do it, and often at his expense. 

Over the years I have brought Frank some old and unusual automobiles, with body panels not available and more importantly rust or miserable paint and bodywork is often found uderneath what appears to be a decent but tired finish.  This means Frank's work is doubly difficult  he will need to correct badly deteriorated metal and/or correct years-old shortcuts, before he can begin the work that will show.  This takes an artisan's eye, and superb metal and painting skills.  Frank possesses all.

I am certain you will enjoy working with Frank as much as I have over these many years;  whether repaining a dinged fender on a new Mercedes, or repainting a classic Ferrari or Porsche."

Rob Forbes

Driveline Automotive Consulting