Frank Zucchi Restoration Inc delivers unparalleled excellence for exotic and vintage automobiles restoration. There is a long family history of specialized artisan quality automobile restoration, passed down from Father to son, a family business since 1963. Frank has a deep passion and vast knowledge of vintage, race and classic automobiles, with many awards and accolades to his portfolio of work. It is our goal to restore these treasured automobile to their grandeur and preserve them for generations to come.

At Frank Zucchi Restoration Inc's, you will find a mix of European and American cars with a primary focus on exotic and vintage classic and race automobiles. Ferraris, Alfa Romeos, Maserati's, Porsche Lamborghini rand rare vintage race and classic cars are among the many award-winning automobiles that have been restored at our shop.  Pebble Beach, Hershey's Governors Cup and Hot Rod Magazines top 100 Hot Rods are a few of the coveted awards that have been won by cars restored here at Frank Zucchi Inc.

Frank prides himself off of not "over" restoring these treasure cars, he restores them while maintaining their integrity.  After all they are only original once.

Here at Frank Zucchi Restoration we provide many top-notch services to accommodate your restoration needs.

  • Steel, aluminum and fiberglass fabrication and repair
  • Custom painting
  • Panel making done in the old traditional way - by hand
  • Interiors, chrome and everything else your project needs

We have all you need to fully restore your next project!

 "Like so many of Frank Zucchi's Clients, I have been extremely happy with his services for over twenty years. ...  I am certain you will enjoy working with Frank as much as I have over these many years;  whether repaining a dinged fender on a new Mercedes, or repainting a classic Ferrari or Porsche."

Rob F.
Driveline Automotive Consulting

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